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The Ticket on Departure (ToD) facility allows you to collect your ticket at the station before you travel. This may be useful if there is insufficient time for us to get tickets to you by post or courier. Most types of travel ticket can be issued using ToD and unlike some other retailers, Gates Travel do not make any extra charge for using this service.

To use ToD you require a ticket collection reference (known in the rail industry as a CTR or PTR) which we will supply by email. Without the correct collection reference it will not be possible to collect your ticket so we strongly recommend that you print out the confirmation email and take it with you to the station. We can also send the reference to your mobile phone by SMS as a backup. Once you've received your reference you can collect your tickets as soon as you like from any one of more than 1,300 stations which provide ToD collection, this does not have to be the station from which you will be travelling.

Use the search form above to check the availability of Ticket on Departure collection facilities at specific stations (this information is supplied by ATOC, updated regularly and is provided in good faith).

Tickets are usually collected from a self-service Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) but at some stations without a TVM you may need to go to the ticket booking office instead. Smaller stations may not have any ticket issuing facilities in which case ToD collection is not possible. In this circumstance you should collect your ticket in advance from a larger station or ask us to send your ticket by post. See above for the collection methods available at specific stations.

Ticket Vending Machines require a valid credit or debit card to be inserted for security before tickets are printed. If your ToD was arranged by Gates Travel you can use ANY valid payment card to operate the machine - no charge will be made to the card and the card does not have to have been used to pay for the tickets. If you are collecting tickets from a station booking office, please take a printed copy of your confirmation email and ID such as a driving licence.

Please allow sufficient time to collect your tickets before departure of your train. If you are collecting tickets for multiple journeys or with several seat reservations from a TVM, make sure that all of your tickets have printed before you leave the machine.

In case of difficulty when collecting tickets please seek assistance from station staff who will advise what to do if there is a technical problem with the Ticket Vending Machine. The station booking office may be able to issue your ticket if the machine is out of service. You can also contact Gates Travel at any time, 24 hours a day, on 01539 797454. If the TVM is not working and the station is not staffed, you should board the train with your collection reference email and collect your ticket at the first available opportunity. If you are obliged to purchase another ticket you should retain all tickets, including any excess fare tickets issued on the train, and inform Gates Travel as soon as possible. It will not be possible to obtain any refund if you cannnot provide us with the additional tickets you purchased.

If you have changed your plans and no longer require a ticket which has been arranged as a ToD please inform us. You do not need to collect your ticket in order to obtain any refund due but if you are changing Advance (compulsory reservation) tickets you must inform us BEFORE the departure time of the first train on which you were due to travel.

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